“Discover what’s possible”

Re-discover your instincts, learn how to learn, and play golf with more trust and freedom than you ever thought possible…

Swing with Freedom is committed to shifting the culture of golf from one of tips, techniques, formulas and answers to one of exploration, discovery and freedom. It is based on the principles of Extraordinary Golf which was developed by Fred Shoemaker.

Unlike traditional golf lessons where the student is viewed as somehow lacking, the foundation of Swing with Freedom Lesson Center is in knowing that within each and every one of us exists the natural ability to learn, develop and grow. Those innate abilities, when re-discovered and brought out, allows for remarkable breakthroughs in learning, enjoyment and performance. The current golf culture filled with tips, techniques and formulas is replaced with an environment free of judgment or evaluation. This safe and empowering environment allows the student to explore and develop well beyond what they may have ever imagined possible.

Swing with Freedom is committed to empowering you and your golf game by:

  • Increasing awareness and trust in your natural swing and learning abilities
  • Identifying fear and doubt, replacing it with curiosity and trust
  • Discovering interference, replacing it with freedom and peace of mind
  • Increasing your ability to self-coach
  • Discovering the real joy and adventure of learning and how it relates to life
  • Increasing enjoyment, learning and performance

“As in any endeavor, whether work or play, the more freedom, enjoyment, and enthusiasm you experience, the better the performance. The freedom makes it all happen, and there is no freedom in formula”

-Fred Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf

Adult Programs

All Swing with Freedom private coaching sessions, workshops and classes are unique and customized to fit the needs of each student. 

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Youth Programs

Our Junior & Student Programs provide an environment that empowers each student’s natural learning abilities and encourages exploring, creating, and discovering what’s possible.

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